Eight-year-old Arjan suspects his class mate of stealing his special pencil. In a magical moment, Guru Gobind Singh ji’s falcon comes alive to help him. Will Arjan get his pencil back? Why does the royal falcon take him back in time to 1705 to witness Guru ji’s court in session? Join Arjan and Khushi, the falcon, in an exciting tale of adventure and friendship.

“There is a deep desire among the Sikhs in the Diaspora to communicate to Sikh and non-Sikh children the core values of Sikh history, religion, culture and customs. Not enough children’s books of high quality on these subjects are available to meet this need. In Dear Takuya, Jessi Kaur has come up with an elegant and eloquent way to convey Sikh philosophy and values to Sikh and non-Sikh children, as well as grownups. Anyone who reads this book will taste the essence of Sikhism.”


Dr. N.S. Kapany

Chairman, Sikh Foundation,

Palo Alto, California

The Enchanted Garden of Talwandi is based on a janam saakhi (fable of childhood) of Guru Nanak sahib, founder of the Sikh religion. The janam saakhies are part of the folklore that celebrates Guru Ji's divine presence and message. Parents often relate these stories to young children to foster love for Guru Ji, and teach morals and values.

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